Boarders are welcome to use the veterinarian of their choice, but we have relationships with Sunset Canyon Veterinary Clinic and Austin Equine Hospital.  We post visits when possible to allow boarders to share ranch call costs.






Boarders are free to use the service providers of their choosing.  Several Farriers and Trainers frequent Red Horse Ranch and work in the surrounding area.  Following is their contact information and links to further information.

Lance's Horseshoeing Service

Lance McIntyre

O.H.S. Certified

Dripping Springs, TX



Horse Gal Concepts, LLC

Training & Farrier Services

Marie Rushing



AF Shoeing Farrier Services

Austin Area

Alan Fee


Equine Hauling

Cen-Tex Equine Hauling

Sara Hensley: 214-345-1746

Jarrod Kirkpatrick: 512-468-4616